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DUI and Criminal Defense in Palm Beach County

best DUI and criminal defense lawyer in Palm Beach CountyBeing charged with a crime is a confusing process with potentially life-altering results. Unfortunately, bad things can happen to good people.  Attorney Reese Harvey has over 13 years successfully defending clients charged with crimes and has conducted over 100 criminal trials. You need The Law Offices of Reese Harvey to help you fight back with your best legal defense.

As a former Palm Beach County Prosecutor, Attorney Reese Harvey knows the inner-workings of the State Attorney’s office and the personalities of our local judges and prosecutors. His experience as a Prosecutor has taught him to know how to force the best plea offer and when a trial is necessary and winnable, getting you the best possible outcome for your case.

If you or someone you know has been charged with DUI, assault & battery, drug possession, marijuana possession, burglary, robbery, domestic violence, possession of stolen goods, probation violations, theft, shoplifting, worthless checks, or any other crime, call us today for a FREE, no obligation consultation at (561) 691-4511. We will explain your rights and discuss the best course of action for your case. At The Law Offices of Reese Harvey we will aggressively protect your rights and fight back!

What To Do If You Have Been Arrested and Charged With A Crime:

  1. Call an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately.
  2. Don't speak to anyone, especially the police, about the facts of your case.
  3. Document as much detail as possible about the incident (i.e. names and contact information of witnesses, time of day, weather conditions, and names and contact information of anyone involved.)